Out of Line

Gallery Exhibition 16 Oct – 5 Nov 2011


Drawing breath & Chinese whispers
Winners of the 2010 One Church Street Open Drawing Submission

One Church Street Gallery encourages artists to explore and push their creativity as far as they can, so entrants to this nationwide open submission were urged to interpret drawing as broadly as possible. Joe Graham’s and Jayne Wilton’s work particularly impressed the judges in taking both the concept and physicality of drawing into exciting and unexpected territory.

At first glance, there might not appear to be an obvious relationship between the drawings of Graham and Wilton; in Graham’s work the process is the concept, whereas Wilton’s processes are suggested by the concept. Yet, looking more intently and reading what the artists had written, more and more parallels are discovered. The intentional use of chance and accident are features of both artists’ work as are fragility and delicacy. Both push their processes to the nth degree. Each marks the temporality of their work, seeking to tie down a moment by embodying traces of it in their drawings, Graham by building and discarding marks in stages, and Wilton by immortalising the transience of breath in delicate records of instants in time.

Jayne Wilton and Joe Graham were selected from a juried submission of over 700 works about drawing in 2010. 

During the exhibition, Jayne worked with 20 people to immortalize their breath on copper plate. Jayne also did this in her residency at Heals in London. Her book, Breath(e) is presently on sale at the Tate and the V&A including the images of the copperplates.