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We are sad to be saying goodbye to our lovely gallery space, but times have moved on and we are travelling far and wide.  From April 2016, we will be showing mainly at art fairs and online.  All the work is stored in our warehouse and available for immediate viewings.  If you are interested in one of our artists, please call or email us and we will send you an online catalogue of work that is available to buy and can arrange for you to view in person.

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Film Screening


“We are not wholly bad or good, who live our lives under milk wood”

Ushered in by Verdi and a Welsh male voice choir, the new film of Under Milk Wood is an utterly beautiful vision of Dylan Thomas’ seminal offering of magical prose poetry. Starring Rhys Ifans and Charlotte Church, the film is elegantly directed by Kevin Allen. This lush, enthralling production beautifully compliments the lyricism of Thomas’ masterpiece with its bold, dreamlike imagery. Allen’s erotic, surreal cinematic interpretation explores some of the more visceral elements of the funny, magical dreamscape of Thomas’ Welsh seaside village Llareggub (read it backwards!).
Our gallery screening on 3rd December raised over £200 for Crisis at Christmas.
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Poetry and Short Stories


“To begin at the beginning…”

We held a Sunday afternoon of readings from Dylan Thomas with the actress and narrator Melissa Berry.  As part of the Dylan Thomas Centenary, Melissa performed at the Do Not Go Gentle Festival in Uplands and the Dylathon at the Swansea Grand Theatre. This was an inspiring and highly entertaining afternoon with mulled wine and mince pies in the wonderful setting of the gallery and surrounded by Peter Blake’s Under Milk Wood illustrations.
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Peter Blake’s 3D Circus


Peter Blake has combined his love of the circus with his characteristic collaged crowds in a 3 dimensional format. The works are inspired by Lothar Meggendorfer’s International Circus – a pop-up book first published in 1887.  For his Circus, Blake has put together a central stage collage, which features a line up of unusual people, and an eclectic orchestra sourced from the Artist’s extensive collection of ephemera.  In addition, two weird and wonderful audience collages in which the crowds are being entertained by a circus act sit either side of the central stage. Peter Blake’s 3D Circus was produced and published by Dark Matter Studio in 2013 and the last few in the edition are available through One Church Street Gallery.  Please enquire.

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Peter Blake’s Tattooed People


Portraiture has been prevalent in Peter Blake’s work since the late 1940s. From his images of pop culture icons to his imagined characters, the artist has always explored a diverse array of individuals.  A recent series of small, colourful watercolours depicting the faces and torsos of heavily inked men and women, their individual body art, intricately rendered, is again part of a recurring theme in Blake’s oeuvre: the circus, the fairground and the side-show attraction. The skins of these imagined characters have become canvases in themselves – one figure has an image of the Crucifixion emblazoned on his chest, whilst a tattooed woman has the names of the British Princes, William and Harry, etched on each breast. Another’s complex facial tattoos cover the entirety of his face, echoing the masks in Blake’s wrestling portraits. We present a series of 10 signed original prints, produced and published by Dark Matter Studio.  Please enquire.

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Over the Hills and Far Away

Work by the father of British Pop Art, Sir Peter Blake was exhibited and offered for sale by One Church Street Gallery, in our exhibition Over the Hills and Far Away, Christmas 2015, alongside other selected artists with a literary connection (including John Piper, Kenneth Rowntree and several of our own gallery artists).  The collection presents Peter Blake’s Under Milk Wood, his new Tattooed PeopleVenice FantasiesParis Escapades and 3D Circus pop-up collages.
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Pinpoint ii


Five artists who work with the construction or application of cloth and thread were invited to create fine art installation work in the gallery, 6th February – 28th February 2015.  The gallery curators have always held an interest in the delicate space that artists navigate between fine craft and fine art.   By incorporating a diversity of textile material, technique or process these works seek to cross the boundaries of artistic practice.

A catalogue is available, with a Foreward written by Linda Brassington.  To order online, click here.  

Linda Brassington is an artist, researcher and lecturer. She is former Programme Leader and Senior Lecturer in Printed Textiles at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham. Her work has been recognised with Fellowships to the Royal Society of Arts and the Higher Education Academy, and she continues to exhibit and publish worldwide.

The artists took part in an ‘In Conversation’ with Polly Binns at the Private View on 5th February 2015.  Polly Binns is an artist, arts adviser and former Research Professor of Buckinghamshire New University with work held in public collections in the UK and abroad. She completed a midcareer PhD in 1997, a Monograph ‘Surfacing’ was published in 2003. Her most recent exhibition ‘Light and Line’ organised through Nottingham Castle Museum toured in 2012-13.


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Bryant + Keeling Prize 2014


Painting Now 2014

The prize attracted hundreds of entries from artists across the UK, even reaching as far as Eastern Europe.  We believe that each shortlisted artist has shown a courageous approach to the use of paint and/or to contemporary subject matter.

Ian Robinson was awarded the Bryant + Keeling Prize, collecting £1,000 and representation with the gallery.



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Art in a Box 2014


Boxes speak of opening and closing, revealing and concealing, of surprises and disappointments, treasures and collections, and of intimate spaces. The pieces in this exhibition might speak of these things too, and more. We expected to embrace the cusp where fine art and craft meet, where something new and unforeseeable have emerged – deconstructing and re-assembling the object and its many connotations in two, three, and four dimensions.

This was an open submission exhibition. Artists were invited to make works not merely in a box, but under, over, around, about or from boxes. The exhibition of carefully selected and curated works, resulting from this submission, was shown in the Gallery from 3rd May – 28th June 2014.

Catalogue available for purchase here

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RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2014


20th – 24th May 2014

In pursuit of our love of outdoor sculpture, we decided to curate an exhibition of work by contemporary sculptors, this summer.  During our research we realised that the work that we were selecting deserved a wider airing, and so we applied to show at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show.  It was at Easter that the Royal Horticultural Society phoned the gallery to let us know that we had been selected.  In addition, they hoped that we would consider building a sculpture garden at Chelsea – in less than 4 weeks time!  So, of course, we pulled out all the stops – what else do you say when you get invited by a Royal Society!

We are always particularly enthusiastic when our imaginations are let loose, and after some blue sky thinking we opted for an urban courtyard garden to show how sculpture can be used as a focal point, even within a small outdoor space. We partnered with The Plant Specialist, who selected a fantastic range of plants to compliment our sculptural pieces and constructed the garden using pine sleepers washed with Lye.  Imaginative thinking, however, is not the whole story when undertaking this type of project and we were indoctrinated into the mind-numbing world of health and safety assessments, critical path analysis and project management schedule of works.  Four weeks seemed more like four months.

But here we are, still standing.  And with an RHS award of Four Gold Stars to our name.

Photography by Paul Knight




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