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Deborah Lanyon

Whilst working on the edge of both intellect and vision, Deborah still permits the paint to develop its own identity within her paintings. Since her first emergence in the 1990’s Deborah Lanyon’s practice has taken a slight turn in direction over the last couple of years, inspired by time spent in Italy, Slovenia, France and England. Her travels have allowed her to absorb the culture and landscapes through which she has passed, not only visually, but through all her senses: sound, smell, taste and touch. Sometimes smaller works are created in situ and then transported home to act as further visual stimuli for the larger works, which are mostly painted from collective memory.

Embracing this lapse of time between first seeing a place/space – when and where it was – to the moment when the painting is realised, allows her to digest and synthesize ideas over time. It is by no chance then, that Deborah’s paintings seem somehow to remain in the first moment – always fresh, energetic and truly alive.


Solo Exhibitions
Coningsby Gallery, 2017; Gallery 286, 2014; David Curzon, 2010; Fountain Gallery, 2007; Gallery 286, 2003; Archeus Fine Art, 2000; Air Gallery, 1999; James Colman, 1997; Pike Gallery, 1995; Milne and Moller, 1993

Group Exhibitions
Wimbledon Studios, 2013; Neal’s Yard, 2012; Joanna Bird, 2011; Jenny Granger Gallery, 2010; David Curzon, 2010; St Art London, 2009; Olympia, 2007; Islington Art Fair, 2004; Art First, 2003; Art London, 2002; Royal College of Arts, 2000; Pump House Gallery, 1998; Glasgow Art Fair, 1997; Islington Art Fair, 1996; Bonhams 1993

Art Education
St Martin’s School of Art, 1977-78; Byam Shaw College of Art 1979-81; BBC Design Department 1982-86; Putney School of Art 1986-90; Oliver Bevan Studio 1991-94